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The production method and composition of the Pvc flex banner

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Communication plays a vital role in society as it is where all human connections are made. Outdoor advertising has been used extensively as part of marketing communications for centuries. Pvc flex banner is an inevitable canvassing tool for today's cutting-edge innovations. High-quality printing and canvassing are currently available cheaply in the form of Pvc flex banners.

Here is the content list:

  • Preparation and composition of Pvc flex banner

  • How to make Pvc flex banner

  • Reuse of Pvc flex banner

Preparation and composition of Pvc flex banner

PVC is one of the main ingredients for making Pvc flex banners. PVC is available in two grades, rigid and flexible. Commercial-grade PVC is primarily produced by free-radical initiated suspension and emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride. Pvc flex banner has the potential to be used again in various possible applications after its primary use. Flexible banners are usually prepared by laminating polyester fabric between two layers of laminated PVC film. Commonly used flexible banners are 250 grams per square meter (GSM), where the top PVC film weighs approximately 100-120 GSM, the bottom PVC film weighs 85-95 GSM, and the polyester fabric weighs approximately 39-45 GSM.

How to make Pvc flex banner

The production methods of Pvc flex banner are divided into three types: scraping method flex banner, calendering method Pvc flex banner, and legal PVC flex banner.

The scraper method is to apply PVC slurry evenly on both sides of the base fabric, and then combine them through a drying process. Flexes produced during this process typically exhibit high tensile strength and resistance to peeling. China is the main producer of such cords. During the calendering process, PVC powder and liquid plasticizer are mixed and then bonded to the cloth under pressure using heated rollers. This approach provides better surface flatness and flexible light transmission properties. However, most of the PVC flex banners sold in the market today are made by laminating PVC film to polyester cloth from both sides using hot rollers. The color rendering quality of these banners is very good.

Reuse of Pvc flex banner

Pvc flex banner is flexible, durable, economical, and recyclable, and is widely used for outdoor publicity. After use, flexible banners are economically valuable as they can be reused for various applications such as tarps, roof covers, vehicle covers, grain covers, bags, cushions, etc. They can undoubtedly be recycled with the components properly separated and used in various applications such as footwear, geotextiles, canal linings, ropes, pipes, etc.

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